March 15th - Dashboard

Taking a break from trying to setup a store. Note I think I have a simple solution underway.
So I started on a Dashboard that will show 9 aspects of your Amazon Web Service usage reports. I created 3 graphs at the Airport the other day, add the cumulated price by service this morning. And will now add 2 graphs showing usage of DataTransfer-In-Bytes and DataTransfer-Out-Bytes across services. Due to space constraints I will skip a DataTransfer-Regional-Bytes. Then I will add 3 operations graphs for EC2, RDS, and SQS. In a future version I add more type of graphs based on user feedback as well as the possibility to manually add and remove graphs.
13:34pm Here is how the dashboard looks so far. There are a few more formatting details to settle, but for now you will see a first row with two charts, the price by service and the cumulated price by service which gives a good overview of which service costed the most and at what day of the month the charges occurred. Currently for me I don’t have much s3 cost so it’s mostly a linear cost due to box usage. Then there is a break down by day of week and hour of day, which can give an indication when your services are consumed most. On the third row of the dashboard you will see the data transfer broken down by inbound and outbound transfer per service. Note this chart may need to be reviewed as all the other data points are eclipsed by the most prevalent data point. Finally there is a fourth row of pie charts is showing the details of operations cost for each of the services.

Note it’s fairly easy to add new chart and time series, so expect to see the dashboard to evolve over the coming weeks.

Time for some more decaf..a little meeting..and I’ll be back for 2 changes: first a drastic change in look and feel, then I want to improve the login with Amazon. If I get all that done before tonight I’ll be continuing with the online store configuration. 
So first on the look and feel. I did work since November on this product using a ‘white’ style that reminded me Amazon’s own service. But after a while this got boring and I now want to switch to a ‘dark’ style to see how the app looks. The other day Panic showed off their new in-house status board

And I also some how like the “White on Black” look of the system settings of the iphone/ipad…Note it’s just looks good right in the accessibility and note when using normal apps in reverse mode.

So I’m picking a skin from the website and will try to convert the application.

08:54 pm Styling done! I had a lot of details to clean up and I also reorganized the day and hour selector. My original idea to have two horizontal grids didn’t give enough space to show the daily cost for accounts that pay more than $100 a day…So now even large AWS users can see their breakdown and now with a new look and feel:

I think that’s it for today! Next time I’ll improve the Amazon login sequence…then add the support for the new type of EC2 instances…fix a few bugs…setup the store…then ready for a alpha release where I will bug a few people I know that use AWS…to make sure I didn’t miss anything obvious.

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